Wist je dat?

  • Elke dag wordt er wereldwijd zo’n 300 ton cafeïne geconsumeerd.
  • De koffieplant behoort tot het plantengeslacht ‘Coffea’, dat deel uitmaakt van de Rubiaceae-familie.
  •  Arabica is de oudste koffieplant, die zich voor het eerst in Ethiopië bevond.
  •  Cafeïne heeft niets te maken met de sterkte van je koffie. Hoeveelheid cafeïne is wel recht evenredig met contacttijd van het water met je gemalen koffie.
  •  Zuid-Amerika heeft met Brazilië en Colombia de grootste koffieproducenten ter wereld.
  •  Het juiste extractiepercentage van koffie dient tussen 18 en 22% te liggen.



To guarantee an espresso with truly exceptional characteristics in terms of body, cream and aroma, it is essential to create a classic blend of the finest available coffee beans. Our green coffees are selected from amongst the most prestigious in the world, coming predominantly from Africa and Central and South America.


The unmistakable aroma of our coffees is the result of an ancient and classic, but mostly elapsed, process called Wood-Roasting. Each batch is roasted slowly and carefully by hand according to type and by country of origin in beech wood fired equipment, following artisanal methods that ensure a consistent roast through to the heart of the coffee beans. Reaching temperatures of around 400ºF, we conserve the intense fragrance and natural properties of the coffee by cooling the beans quickly and rigorously using only fresh air.


This is one of the secrets of our tradition that makes our coffee blends so unique and unmistakable. Taking more time than during any other phase of the process, we do the blending only after the roasting, resulting in blends that are precise and homogenous. Every single blend is comprised of 7 or 8 different coffees carefully and proportionally mixed. This blending is done with extreme care and without compromise to always guarantee that our blends are of the highest quality, and are perfectly balanced in taste, body and fragrance.


All of our products are packaged in the highest quality, coffee specific materials that safeguard the contents from coffees three biggest enemies … air, light and humidity. Whole beans are nitrogen flushed and vacuum sealed in 1kg bags with one-way valves to only allow gases to escape and not enter the bag. Tins are made from a fully recyclable steel, all pods are individually wrapped to ensure peak freshness upon use and capsules are 100% biodegradable.